Mark Hopkins / Handmade Furniture
Fine English Design Application and Construction Methods
Carbon Neutral Recycling of Antique Hardwoods

Design and Construction Techniques

Choosing which centuries old (if not more) techniques and sometimes tools that feel like it (now, whose going sharpen these chisels?) is the challenge inherent in every project. Its those challenges that keep our interest levels bubbling just under 'obsessive'.

The Design process is one of mutual trust and faith in the abilities and conceptual grasp of both parties. High on the Workshops agenda is the journey of exploration and discovery that accompanies every commission.

After years of passionatly decoding antique methods of construction and finishing there is a huge library available inside the workshops of Mark Hopkins Handmade Furniture. Unlocking that knowledge is the key to successful commissions. Building a relationship with the client is the prime objective. After all you dont trust your children to any old stranger!!


Theres a leather bound book full of the sayings of Mr Grimplethwaite (Marks shooldays Woodwork Teacher) sat on a dusty shelf. Some imaginary, some commonsense and some a little surreal - The Sofa Coffin or the Lead Chalkboard Duster? Its like a Flan O'Brien chapter at times moving into The Model Enginneers Handbook (1845) at others. Full of ink splattered, shellac stained illustrations and diagrams. Its our Holy Grail and for every problem there can be found a solution in there. Luckily on the spine there is a USB and Firewire port so we can interface the Aincent Knowledge with our CAD system.


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