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Carbon Neutral Recycling of Antique Hardwoods

Carbon Neutral Recycling of Antique Hardwoods

Factory PictureWell, not exactly carbon neutral but we would guess (and we're not scientists you know) theres a little less impact on the CO2 emissions from our methods of recycling antique timbers from local sources. Pitch pine from victorian cotton mills demolished to make way for call centres. Oak beams from aincent penine barns. Cuban mahogany from 17th Century table tops rescued from November bonfires. An added benefit is that trees that give up 2ft wide 2inch thick pieces of American Hammerwood are very far and few in between. If not protected by a tree order and rightly protected from the industrial strength sawmills. Of course we would be foolish to ignore contempory materials and methods and indulge ourselves in the contradictions of working with solid surfacing producing one of a kind sink units and various subsitute ceramic objects (no bidets yet though!)

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Mark Hopkins Handmade Furniture was founded by Mark Hopkins in the early 1990's from a desire to work with traditional techniques and materials creating high end exclusive furniture for a refined and discerning clients that share our passion for the materials, techniques and history of Fine English Cabinet Making. We understand that history is a living thing and we are part of a tradition that has constantly changed and adapted to changing economic and cultural circumstances and it is this understanding and that informs our contempory design philosophy. Learn More …